Upshock was formed in late 2001 by Alejandro Finy on bass guitar and vocals along with Gilberto Navarro on guitar in Costa Rica. Both previously played together in another band, Desorden Mental, from 1992 to 1995. Months later in 2002, Daniel Vega on drums and Miguel Del Cid on guitar joined the band. Upshock started to play in local shows as a full band.

2002 Upshock’s First Full Band Rehearsal

Thanks to Daniel’s mom! This would never have happened without her noise tolerance.

In 2003, Daniel and Gilberto leave the band and Victor (Neno) Valverde ex-drummer of Vieja Metropoli and ¾ takes over drums. They decide to continue as a band of only three. Finy then creates a home studio (called QUP Studio) and records their first Demo EP (2004); by that time the band was playing shows everywhere in Costa Rica, even in skate shops, almost every weekend for the next three years. Upshock opened gigs for very well-known bands like Evergreen Terrace, Strung Out, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Propagandhi and Down by Law, getting coverage on national newspapers, magazines and radio.


2003-2004 Upshock Rehearsals

The glue we used to cover the walls with carpet in our makeshift home studio, made our eyes sting all the time.


2006 Miguel and Finy at Hopefest

The sound at the show was the best ever because we had our sound guy Berny, from 23V Producciones with us; he really knew our sound.

2006 Finy and Miguel at Hopefest

The sound was perfect but it felt like playing in hell, it was way too hot! We almost died.

At the beginning of 2007 the band started to record the Algoenquecreer album, but most of their work went MIA at another studio, only some demos were salvaged. At the end of August 2007 Finy relocated to Panama and the band basically ended. Eventually Upshock reunited to play together again at a couple of shows in Panama (with Miguel) and then in Costa Rica (without Miguel).


2006 Miguel, Neno and Finy at Vieja Escuela

The mosh pit was massively violent that night.


2006 Neno at Planet Mall Opening for Strung Out

We played in front of a shitload of people, but they were there to see Strung Out. Finy was on his knees trying to touch the crowd but the cable wasn’t long enough.

Most of Upshock’s lyrics and composition were created by Finy. When living in Panama, he continued to produce new material but because Upshock did not get back together, Finy eventually recorded the new music on his own. After moving to Seattle, Washington he released that new material, World’s Blood, in 2012.


2008 Finy Recording the World’s Blood EP

I almost lost my voice learning how to scream but finally recorded it all in one shot.


2010 A Super Band?

The last show that Upshock ever played was a gig in Costa Rica opening for Down by Law. Because Miguel did not go to play guitar, we pulled together some friends to make a super band for the special gig. Carlos Montero, lead vocalist from the band Rey en Ruinas, and Alejandro Camacho, lead vocalist from the band No Resolution joined Finy and Neno on stage. That was like a super band! They learned the guitars and backup vocals in a week.


2010 Reunion Rehearsal in Panama

It was great to connect with Miguel when we were both in Panama, but we didn’t get to play together much longer.

Years pass…

Yet after a long time without making music, Finy has continued to learn about music production, thinking that someday he will do something. Finally, in December 2016, he decides that lots of time has passed and it’s time to get started again. The first thing Finy tackles is to re-collect all old material from old music projects going back to the 90’s and record it.

In a long walk down memory lane Finy records his favorite songs from the Desorden Mental (1992) and Grossomodo (1998) bands we was a part of, and releases them. He worked on all the parts including vocals and all the instruments plus the mix and mastering. Next, he will do the same with Algoenquecreer.


2017 Working on Historical Friend, the First Single from Grossomodo

That moment when you have listened to the song more than a hundred times.


2017 Recording Bass Guitar for the Desorden Mental Album

Finding that sweet spot!

Upshock Synths

2017 Synths

I’ve been studying sound synthesis for years and I never made the time to assemble something, because most of the time I’m just jamming. Can’t wait to start using these guys in the my upcoming releases.